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Welcome Fibromyalgia Patients

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"The Neurologic Relief Centers have developed a simple relief test
that determines whether our complete treatment procedure will be effective for the patient
with fibromyalgia, RSD, trigeminal neuralgia and unexplained diffuse pain.
The relief that comes from the testing is usually profound and lasts from minutes to days.
The test is not only diagnostic but also prognostic.
Those whose symptoms are relieved by the test will almost always respond to treatment."
(Quoted from NRC website)

My name is Elaine Purvey and I am strong and healthy today after healing from very debilitating fibromyalgia. I found out about a chiropractor who had amazing results with his fibro patients.

This doctor gave me my life back when I went to his clinic for treatment for FMS. I am deeply and forever grateful to him.

Now because of his work I am able to help others who are suffering.

It is my passion and mission to get the word out about how effective and revolutionary the Neurologic Relief Centers Technique™ is for FMS and so many other serious health issues.

View excerpts from NRC testimonial DVD below:

Now it is your chance to also receive the healing
because NRC doctors are being trained across the country in these powerful techniques.
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Let's make the healing happen in your life because you deserve it!

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