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Fun is so important to our whole well-being. It brings smiles and laughter into our own life and the lives of others. It helps us to relax and get our minds off of our troubles which can really lower our pain levels. It can help us get out of ruts or negative thought cycles so that we can move on to finding solutions and have a more positive outlook.
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Having fun is a choice only we can make for our selves. Nobody can force us to have fun. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, “What is keeping me from having fun and enjoying life?” If guilt or shame hinder us, then we need to address where that is coming from so that we can be freed to have fun and joy in our lives.

Fun is a matter of perspective and can be created in some of the most difficult situations despite whatever health condition we happen to be in.

Let’s explore ways to have fun in a thrifty way even if you are shut down in a dark room (even in the middle of the day!)